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Weekly Market Commentary

The first half of the year ended with a whimper as the major markets all showed red to mark the last week of the quarter. The NASDAQ lost another 2% last week after getting a reprieve the prior week. Nevertheless, as of the halfway mark for 2017, the composite still has an impressive 14% gain […]

How to choose a financial professional

  Who is the right Financial Advisor for you?: 10 points to consider When is the right time to get your financial life in order? NOW. This is one priority that seems to be pushed to the back burner of our to-do list, however, should be front and center. It’s time to take control of […]

Should I set up a family trust?

Should I set up a family trust? Most people don’t quite understand what a family trust is—also known as a revocable living trust— how it works, and if they need one. The differences between a trust and a simple will, for instance, are often confused. Many people believe a trust replaces a will; that is […]